We're Jamie, Dario, and Andrea—the core team at LitFully.

You can see us strolling and planning this very project on the Italian coast in the pictures on this page.

We decided to join forces and create LitFully for two reasons:

1 - LitFully is designed to serve driven entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, and leaders. We're part of that group, so we know the ropes—their trials and aspirations—and we feel particularly well-equipped to help them.

2 - Driven individuals have the opportunity to create positive ripples of socio-systemic change throughout the world. But only to the extent that they're thriving on the inside. That's what LitFully helps them with, and it's where we love to make our mark.

So, if you resonate with LitFully, you're likely to be:

  • Interested in how to lead a more sustainable, aligned life.
  • While continuing to pursue your deepest goals and aspirations.
  • Willing to do anything necessary to stay true to yourself and live up to your potential—including challenging the status quo.
  • And would love to increase your positive impact on the world.

If so, please subscribe to "The Inner Lifestyle Upgrade," our weekly free live event.

And if you're looking for support on your journey, check out our "Private Coaching" page. We'd love to connect with you and see how we can help.

Jamie, Dario, and Andrea

Jamie Smart

I'm a Sunday Times bestselling author, speaker, and executive coach, known for books like CLARITY and RESULTS.

I've had the privilege of appearing on various media outlets and have spoken at venues like the NATO Defence College, offering insights that have reached thousands across different industries.

For the last decade, I've dedicated myself to helping people find deep clarity in this rapidly changing and often noisy world.

Dario Martinis

I've had the good luck and fortune to reach some measure of success early on. But, while I was hailed as a young internet marketing prodigy, my inner lifestyle was a mess.

I suffered from all sorts of anxieties, fears, blocks, and even addictions.

My lifelong passion for personal and professional evolution saved me, being my calling in life and providing the tools I needed to slowly get out of the pit I was in.

I love helping my clients not only find the way out, but forward—toward an inner lifestyle of enthusiasm, beauty, and connection.

Andrea Deltetto

I was very young when I embarked on two journeys: an entrepreneurial venture in digital marketing and an exploration of self-growth and spirituality.

Over many years, these paths became one. I had the opportunity to impact thousands through my content, group programs, and one-on-one work.

Today, I'm passionate about guiding others to craft lives true to their authenticity, combining a thriving inner lifestyle with the capacity to create positive results in the world.